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My team and I are pleased to introduce our agency and are keen to make you discover our wonderful country !

Kia Ora!


Welcome to New Zealand, mythical land of the South Pacific which has seduced me many years now, and which I hope to make you discover in your turn. I have traveled as a guide from the great wild south to the subtropical north, sometimes in luxury but also in baroud, and I am now settled in Auckland. My team and I are at your disposal to share with you our knowledge of the destination and this passion that we have for our country of adoption, Aotearoa.


Haere Mai!

local expert

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1 Local selection

Experienced natives or for those whom the destination is the country of adoption; they are our local experts. They are keen to welcome you and share their knowledge.

2 Right price

Our policy consists of finding the right price , neither too high for you to benefit, nor too low so as to sustain the local economy of the country of destination; specially for the developed countries. We, at Nouvini take the time to negotiate all tariffs so as to provide you the best price, no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises at time of booking and so that your stay contributes actively in the development of the local economy.

3 Expertise

Our local representative know the country like the back of their hand; ready to guide you fromthe most popular spots to ‘off the beaten track’ places, ready to react to the most unexpected situations.

4 Responsive

Available and always lending a hear to your desires, ideas and wishes from the conception of your journey to the end. Assistance during the whole of your stay.